SOVIET RUSSIA. Turpitudes in the medical... - Lot 62 - Marie-Saint Germain

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SOVIET RUSSIA. Turpitudes in the medical... - Lot 62 - Marie-Saint Germain
SOVIET RUSSIA. Turpitudes in the medical world and elsewhere, ca. 1935. 97 original pencil drawings, 15.3 x 15 cm. Attached: 2 text plates and 68 vintage silver prints, reproducing some of the original drawings, 37 in format, 9 x 9.3 cm and 31 in stereoscopic format 5.6 x 12.9 cm reproducing the drawings, as well as the envelope containing about 20 of them with an address marked CCCP. A unique set of an unknown work, perhaps destined for a marketing that seems to have been very discreet. And for good reason: the risks must have been major under the Stalinist regime. These drawings constitute a series, most of which take place in the medical field. They are all numbered and captioned in Cyrillic: "I like sailors, my mother prefers Napoleon"; "Dear ladies and gentlemen, with your permission: the intermission"; "Pasha turns the wheel with his foot, sitting on his pedestal, he climbs higher and higher"; "Hurry up my brothers! I am afraid that soon a hundred of my ancestors will return from hell." This astonishing and singular production is not without reminding the quality of the work of Bernard Montorgueil, with a touch of fantasy much more pronounced. It tells us about the different setbacks that a young girl can face when discovering pleasure. Provenance: Tony Fekete Library.
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