Aimée DAVOUT. 1782-1868. Princesse d'Eckmühl,... - Lot 180 - Marie-Saint Germain

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Aimée DAVOUT. 1782-1868. Princesse d'Eckmühl,... - Lot 180 - Marie-Saint Germain
Aimée DAVOUT. 1782-1868. Princesse d'Eckmühl, sister of General Leclerc (?1802, Napoleon's brother-in-law), wife of Marshal 6 P.S. 1807-1810. 4 L.A.S. and 3 L.S. Paris, Savigny, 1838, 1857-1861. 10 pp. ½ in-8 and 5 pp. in-12 Set of 6 receipts for Marshal Davout's "office expenses", paid by the paymaster of the Imperial Guard; the documents are received and signed by Marshal "Leclerc-Davout". Enclosed correspondence from the Maréchale: 1838: request to the Minister (of External Relations) to be received to discuss her son and the Marquis de Saint-Simon, Governor of Pondicherry; letter to an auctioneer. 1857-1861: recommendations for her little nephew and family correspondence, evoking her solitude; (...) The arrival of our sovereign at Bonne will bring nationals who have missed you; life at the waters is so sad, that it is good fortune to find acquaintances there, even those who would not be favored elsewhere. My dear ones are at the sea baths near Paimboeuf. Louis is less gloomy there (...). The dear little ones are very happy there, and my unfortunate daughter is going to recover from such a long series of ordeals (...). If the opportunity arises, she wishes to express all her affection for the imperial family; tell her that by her inexpressible grace and kindness, (SM.I.) has left in the depths of my heart, so broken, so long ago, one of those memories that only cease with life (...). ATTACHED various newspaper clippings and printed matter about Marshal DAVOUT's family: - Eloge funèbre de M. le Maréchal prince d'Eckmühl, prnoncé sur sa tombe par M. le Maréchal comte Jourdan, 1823 (10 pp. in-8). - Réponse d'E-Ph. Thirion-Montauban, à M. le comte Coutard, conseil judiciaire de M. le Prince d'Eckmühl, 1838 (8 pp. in-4). - Une lettre inédite du Maréchal Davout, Dijon, 1891 (19 pp., 25 copies printed). - Joly, Les dotations militaires du Maréchal Davout (...), Auxerre, 1896 (35 pp.). - Buet, Madame la marquise de Blocqueville, née princesse d'Eckmühl (...), Bruxelles, 1892 (19 pp.). - Buet, La Marquise de Blocqueville, 1893 (31 pp.).
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