Eustache BRUIX. 1759-1805. Admiral, Minister... - Lot 176 - Marie-Saint Germain

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Eustache BRUIX. 1759-1805. Admiral, Minister... - Lot 176 - Marie-Saint Germain
Eustache BRUIX. 1759-1805. Admiral, Minister of the Navy 2 L.A.S. AND 3 P.S. (one with apostille). 1796-1799. 2 pp. ½ in-4 of which with letterhead of the Admiral of the Naval Army with naval vignette, 2 pp. in-8 and 1 pp. in-folio with letterhead and vignette To Moreau-Saint-Méry: The suffrage of men who resemble you is the sweetest reward for those who, after having sacrificed their health and their dearest interests in the service of their country, find themselves prey to the maneuvers of villainy and ineptitude (...). (Brest, August 1799, 1 pp. in-4, slight paper loss). To citizen Poinsinet Sivry, man of letters, regretting not having met him; (...) It is one of the misfortunes of my position not to be able to be with my friends whenever I wish (...). The service of my army requires all my care during my stay in Paris and obliges me to be always on the run (...). As soon as he goes to Brest, he will ask his chief of staff to place his nephew and find him a position as captain-at-arms aboard some ship (5th compl. day, year 7e (September 21, 1799). 1 pp. ½ two-sheet in-4, address on verso, postmark). Certificate for a lieutenant who was taken prisoner of war in England, and who lost all his effects (1796), signed as Major-General of the Navy. - Request bill concerning 7 canoe skippers to be issued: 2 aunes of cloth, a pair of shoes, 2 canvas shirts and 2 pounds of tobacco (1797). - Letter to banker Perregaux concerning various works acquired in England, the price of which will be paid into the prisoners of war fund, at the request of the Minister of Foreign Relations (1799).
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