Antoine-Alexandre BARBIER. 1765-1825. Bibliographer,... - Lot 174 - Marie-Saint Germain

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Antoine-Alexandre BARBIER. 1765-1825. Bibliographer,... - Lot 174 - Marie-Saint Germain
Antoine-Alexandre BARBIER. 1765-1825. Bibliographer, librarian to Napoleon 17 L.A.S. 1793-1822. 22 pp. in-8 and in-12, including with addresses, 3 pp. in-folio Important correspondence from the famous bibliographer, concerning his research, the administration of the libraries he was in charge of and the acquisition of works, various advice notably on censorship, replies to various invitations, letters to various booksellers and men of letters, etc. Frimaire year 6 (December 1797) Regarding the acquisition of a library of 10 to 12 volumes in all formats for the Institut at the expense of the Ecole Centrale. 1806 He sends a copy of François de Neufchateau's "Chant des Français" and takes the opportunity to ask his correspondent the name of the author of the work entitled "Baby-Bambou, histoire archi-merveilleuse"; I am assured that you know him or that you have known him particularly well. If you would be so kind as to point him out to me, I shall place him in the Dictionnaire des anonymes (...). 1810 Barbier has not found the works on Raynal's History, which are extremely rare, since I have not found a single copy. I did find a copy by Benyowski, but it was in such poor condition that I didn't dare buy it. It announces an article by La Rochette and the publication of the 5th volume of the Bibliothèque d'un homme de goût. 1811 About a poem that Barbier proposes to present to the Empress, as a favor to its author. 1812 On my arrival from Compiègne, I found on my desk the letter you did me the honor of writing to me concerning the essay I have just published. I regret that you did not comment on the main subject of my work, i.e. the translations of the Imitation of J.C. (...). He congratulates him on his bibliographical articles, mentioning his dictionnaire des anonymes. 1813 To the director of the Revue encyclopédique; he would be flattered to see his introduction appear in the first issue of the journal, and prepares for him a notice on the Raynouard catalog. 1818 Replies to reproaches for having preferred an edition that does not distort the work, rather than one in which all social laws are trampled underfoot (...) an edition in which the most laughable misunderstandings abound, to one in which only mistakes caused by the speed of printing are to blame. Was it necessary to advocate Mr. Dentu's edition? Its immorality ensures its success (...). Minute d'un mémoire corrigé par Barbier pour éditer une nouvelle biographie universelle sur le modèle commencé par Chardon de La Rochette pour ses Annales encyclopédiques. Etc. ATTACHED is a file on Louis Barbier, librarian at the Louvres, son of the great bibliographer: 6 letters or bills, death announcements, various printed notices including those on Baron Barbier and his family, etc.
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